Fiscal year of 2006

Report on the Biomass Asia 2006 Meeting gReport on the Investigation and Technological Exchange Projects Concerning Sustainable Agriculture and Environmental Problemsh

Entrusted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishery

March 19, 2007
The Japan Institute of Energy

Pj Overall information
Qj Minutes for the general discussion
Rj Minutes for the discussion on networking
APPENDIXFMaterials of the meeting
PD Report on investigation tour to each country
Pj Thailand Takuyuki Yoshioka
Qj Indonesia Hiromi Yamamoto
Rj China Tomoaki Minowa


Comments from each country
Pj Summary of the report Yukihiko Matsumura
Qj Comments from each country
T China Lixin Zhao
U Indonesia Nadirman Haska
V Indonesia Petrus Panaka
W Thailand Nuwong Chollacoop
X Chinese Taipei Tzay-An Shiau
Y Korea Jin-Suk Lee
Z Malaysia Mohamad Ali Hassan
[ Vietnam Truong Nam Hai
RD Discussion on networking
Pj Networking for Utilization of Asian Biomass Resources
Proposal from ABA preparation committee Yukihiko Matsumura
Qj Agreements of the Asian Biomass Association (Ver. 070312) (Proposal)
Yukihiko Matsumura
Rj Agenda on Asia Biomass Association Meeting (proposal) Yukihiko Matsumura
Photos of the Biomass Asia 2006 Meeting