Fiscal year of 2006

Report on the Investigation and Technological Exchange Projects Concerning Sustainable Agriculture and Related Environmental Issues

Entrusted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishery

February, 2007
The Japan Institute of Energy


TD Introduction
UD Purpose
VD Investigation details
@ 3.1 Overall comments
3.2 Thailand
3.3 Indonesia
3.4 Peoplefs Republic of China
WD Results of investigation
@ 4.1 General comments
4.2 Thailand
4.3 Indonesia
4.4 Peoplefs Republic of China
XD Discussions
5.1 Discussions on results on Thailand
5.2 Discussions on results on Indonesia
5.3 Discussions on results on Peoplefs Republic of China
5.4 General discussions
YD Conclusions
ZD List of abbreviations