Dear all:

Thank you for your help on ABA.I have received some comments on the agreement.I believe what is the most important is to start the ABA.Based on these points, I would like to propose the following.


Agenda on Asia Biomass Association Meeting (proposal)

1. Approval of the agreement of the association

  Basic idea is based on the discussion made in the Biomass Asia Forum and Workshops.  Based on the comment so far received, the agreement has been modified as attached.

2. Approval of tentative startup of ABA.

  With the preparation member as the tentative Steering Committee unless you have decided a specific person for this purpose, and got the agreement of the person.  Also, the Chair of the Steering Committee is to be decided by the agreement among the Steering Committee members.  In this sense, if someone else is going to be a member of the Steering Committee, you should be a full representative of the person.  Otherwise, we cannot proceed effectively. 

3. Structuring

(1) Management Committee

  In the agreement, we decide that the ABA places the Management Committee.  Each country member should nominate a member for the committee by the end of this month.  If there is no nomination, the seat of the country is kept vacant until the approval from the Steering Committee is made, possibly on the mail basis. 

(2) Outsourcing the ML and HP maintenance

  Also, maintenance of the homepage and mailing list can be outsourced.  Biomass Division, The Japan Institute of Energy (JIE) is ready to accept this role at the start-up period.  Prof. Yokoyama was the first president of this division, and Prof. Saka is the present president.  It is important at the starting period that we have a strong body to support the activity, and considering the importance of this activity, Prof. Saka offered that his division contributes to this association.  The division has more than 400 members, and is one of the leading groups in Japanese biomass activity.  It already runs a mailing list among the members, and has a well-organized homepage.  Thus, the Biomass Division, JIE, possesses know-how for these matters.

(3) Working Groups

  We should be considering about the Asia Biomass Conference.  Originally, we have considered that China is a good candidate because of its economical situation and interest in biomass.  When we have members that are interested in Asian biomass, we will have a good economical basis.  While, Malaysia proposes that they can host a workshop.  We should adjust the activities. 

(4) Domestic subdivisions

  It can be considered that domestic subdivisions are to be placed, but it should be up to each countryfs decision. 

(5) Members and fees

  We have the following member classification in the revised agreement:

    Industrial members  (group only)

    Academic, members  (group and personal)

    Private members (group and personal)

The annual member fee should be based on this classification.  For Japan, the following fee list is one possibility.  (Industrial: 100K JPY, Academic group: 20 KJPY, Academic person: 0 JPY, Private group: 20 KJPY, Private person 5 JPY)

  The right of the members is to send information on the related activities.  The benefit of the members is to receive information on the related activities. 

4. Activities

  Maintenance of the ML and HP is to be conducted. 

5. Scheduling to the official startup

  Official approval is to be made for this association.  We will be able to announce that this activity becomes official after half year without large problems. 


After approving the above, the ABA can start the tentative activities, and continue its activities with e-mail discussion.Of course, this agenda is just a proposal, and is valid only when all of you agree it.However, as you may find from the schedule of the meeting, we have only 2 hours, and if possible, we can make a basic agreement on the e-mail, and discuss on the small discrepancy on the meeting.For this purpose, I would be grateful if you could give comments on this agenda by mail to the mailing list, if any.

Thank you in advance for your kind help.