4.1 Overall comments

In this chapter, the results of investigation are listed in terms of the following items.

(1) Place
(2) Process flow
(3) Feedstock, product utilization, scale, and feedstock heating value. 
(4) Amount of product gas and its heating value
(5) Mass balance and energy balance.
(6) Economical balance, initial cost, and operating cost
(7) Number of persons needed for operation
(8) The reason of introducing the plant, problems solved and unsolved
(9) Participation of farmers, municipality, or co-operatives, and support from university, institutes, or NGO
(10) Means to make the process economically feasible, key points for success, and selection of main
(11) Effect on farmerfs income and employment in the district
(12) Framework for the introduction and development of human resources
(13) Situation of agriculture in the district (utilization of land, sustainability of the agriculture)
(14) Possibility of local recycling agriculture with the technology
(15) Possibility of electricity supply and energy utilization in the district
(16) Miscellaneous
(17) Contact person, homepage, and supporting body
(18) Photoes

Mass and energy balance as well as economical balance was calculated with assumptions when no information was available.  The result in this chapter is used for the basis of the discussion shown in the next chapter.