3.2 Thailand

3.2.1 Delegates

The following two members were the delegates of the Thailand investigation.
  Dr. Yukihiko Matumura
  Dr. Takuyuki Yoshioka

3.2.2 Schedule

(1) Flight

  Yukihiko Matsumura
    Dec. 11  11:00 Osaka – 15:30 Bangkok  (TG623)
    Dec. 13  23:59 Bangkok – 7:10 (12/14) Osaka (TG622)

  Takuyuki Yoshioka
    Dec. 11  10:45 Narita – 15:45 Bangkok  (TG641)
    Dec. 13  23:40 Bangkok – 7:30 (12/14) Narita (TG642)

The airport at the Bangkok is the Suvarnabhumi Airport, which opened on Sep 28, 2006, and to which all the functions of domestic and international air transportation has been transferred from Don Muang Airport.

(2) Detailed Schedule

Monday, Dec. 11, 2006
 Arrive at Thailand, the delegate met each other and headed to the hotel.

Tuesday, Dec. 12, 2006
 8.45 AM: Meeting at the hotel lobby, 8 persons and 1 driver
      1. Dr.Takuyuki Yoshioka and Dr. Yukihiko Matsumura,
      2. Dr. Tawatchai with a  van and  driver , 1 CU student
      3. Mr. Khun Manop and 1 staff from Thai Machinery Association (TMA)
      4. 1-2 MTEC staff  and 1-2  Biotec staff (Mr. Khun Sittapong)
 09.00 AM  depart Montein hotel for Nontaburee Pprovince
 10.00 AM  visit very small scale methanation ( 3-5 kg waste in designed metallic reactor )
      Sanambin -Num 
 11.30  AM  depart for Nakorn-rajchaseema Province
(Stop for lunch)
 13.30 PM  meeting with  Agricultural officer and move to methanation site ( cement type reactor)
 15.30 PM  leave for BKK
 17.30 PM  arrive the restaurant , medium scale methanation
      ( 300 kg waste in designed metallic reactor )
 Dinner at this restaurant

Wednesday, Dec. 13, 2006
 08.00 AM  meeting at the Montein Hotel lobby  (2 MTEC staffs)
 08.15 AM  depart to Ayudthaya province ,Pornvilai Ethanol plant  at Ta-reu district 
 11.00 AM  arrive at Pornvilai Ethanol Plant
 12.30 AM  depart Pornvilai to Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (TISTR)  
 15.00 PM  meeting at TISTR
 16.30 PM  depart to Suwannapoom Airport

(3) hotel

  The hotel the delegates used are as follows:
     Montien Hotel (http://www.montien.com/bangkok/)
     54 Surawongse Road, Bangkok 10500, Thailand.
      Tel. :(662) 233-7060-9
      Fax:(662) 236-5218-9

3.2.3 Plants visited

The delegates visited the following plants.  (In the following sections, “ML” means e-mail and are shown as was received without correction even in typographic errors etc. were found.)

- Biomethanation plant in Sanambin-Num, Nontaburee Province

Very small scale methanation (3-5 kg waste in designed metallic reactor), Sanambin –Num,  Nontaburee Province

- Biomethanation plant in Nakorn-Rajchaseema Province

After meeting with an agricultural officer, the delegates moved to methanation site (cement type reactor), Nakorn-rajchaseema province.  According to Dr. Siriluck, who scheduled the visit, this is located at the country side, which is at Nakornrajaseema Province in the northeastern direction around 2.5 hours from Bangkok . This small farm gives animal manure as feedstock for anaerobic digestion, and product methane is used for cooking.

- Biomethanation plant at Bangkok

medium scale methanation ( 300 kg waste in designed metallic reactor ), at the restaurant, Bangkok

ML1207 Siriluck: Thai Machinery Association (TMA) has designed the A.D.system for restaurant and house. The restaurant which we can ask for visiting is located at the suburb of south BKK around  45 min.. from the BKK  name  " Ban-Num-Keing-Din " .Organic waste from the restaurant is feedstock and  Khun Manop from TMA will company you and will show how it work . 

ML1207 Tawatchai: a house-scaled methanation user which is a famous restaurant close to my house.  In my personal opinion, it is worth to visit that place as Prof. Siriluck advised.

- Pornvilai Ethanol plant at Ta-reu District, Ayudthaya Province 

- Plants at Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (TISTR)
meeting at TISTR
ML1204 Samai: Another small pilot scale cassava ethanol plant is in Bangkok at TISTR (www.tistr.or.th), you can contact Deputy  Governor Peesamai Jenvanichpanjakul that you have met to arrange for the visit. I have cc'd to her email herewith.  [JIE: cc means cc: of e-mail, or carbon copy.]

In course of preparation of the travel, there was information that ATA (www.ata.or.th) in Khoa Yai National Park has a whole range of household-level technology. Dr. Samai asked his staff (Miss Attaya) to contact Professor Chanchai Limpiyakorn ( mobile +6681 641 6701) to recieve your team's visit, but later, it was found that there is no activity of methanation, which was confirmed by telephone by Miss Attaya.  Thus visit to ATA was cancelled. .

Mail from Dr. Samai dated Dec. 2, 2006:
I just rang up the owner of the cassava ethanol plant in Prachinburi, they have a delay due to the cooling system installation and cannot have a trial run in December as planned. The commissioning will be in January 2007. She would welcome your visit at the plant, however;  please give me your response so that I can inform her.
As for the methanation plant, we will have to wait for Prof.Siriluck's return from Brazil; we can finalise the visit for you.

3.2.4 Thai people

The following is the list of Thai people who helped the delegates.

Dr. Paritud Bhandhubanyong      MTEC. He was an attendant to the Biomass Asia Forum,
              and was contacted first.
Dr. Samai Jai-in                            MTEC. He was introduced by Dr. Paritud, and planned the initial schedule,
              but had to go to Cambodia later.
Ms. Attaya Kaewtui                       Dr. Samai asked her for the schedule adjustment.  Tried to move some
              of the visit on 11th, but it was a national holiday in Thailand.
Ms. Khun Butsaba                      
   Dr. Siriluck’s secretate.  She got the map to the Pornvilai Ethanol Plant,
                                                         and FAXed it to the hotel.
Dr. Nuwong Chollacoop               MTEC.  He joined the investigation tour.
Mr. Khun Sittapong                     
 BioTEC.  He joined the investigation tour.
Mr. Khun Manop                         
  TMA.  He joined the investigation tour.
Dr. Peesamai Jenvanitpanjakul   She is the vice president of TISTR.
Dr. Tawatchai Charinpanitkul
       Associate Professor of Churalongkorn University.  He joined the
                                                          investigation tour on 12th.
Ms. Siriporn Monchayapisut         Secretary of Prof. Tawatchai.  She made the reservation of the hotel
                                                         for the delegates.
Ms. Thatchanun Takizawa            Prof. Tawatchai’s student.  He joined the investigation tour.
Mr. Chanchai Limpiyakorn           ATA. There was information that small scale biomethanation was
                                                        studied at ATA, but it was found to be misinformation.