7. List of Abbreviations

The following is the list of abbreviations used in this report. 

APEC     Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation

ATCWG Agricultural Technical Cooperation Working Group (APECfs group)

B2TE     Energy Technology Center (Abbr. based on Indonesian)

BPPT     Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (Abbr. based on Indonesian)

CAAE     Chinese Academy of Agricultural Engineering, China

IEEP       Institute of Energy and Environmental Protection, China

INR         Indonesian rupiah (Indonesian currency)

JIE          Japan Institute of Energy

JPY        Japanese yen (Japanese currency)

MAFF     the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishery, Japan

MTEC    National Metal and Materials Technology Center, Thailand

RMB       Chinese yuan, or renminbi (Chinese currency)

THB       Thai baht (Thai currency)

TISTR    Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research

TMA       Thai Machinery Association